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Exploring Your Relationship with Food, Eating and Weight

My workbook will help you understand the nature of the relationship you have with food and eating. After completing the workbook you will be able to decide which parts of these relationships you want to maintain and which you need to change in order to reach and maintain a healthy weight.

LOOKING IN THE MIRROR: A WORKBOOK can be purchased by sending a check or money order for $22.00 (including tax and postage) directly to

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“Managing Stress workshops” (1982-present)
presented to organizations such as
Lee College, University of Judaism, Los Angeles;
First Baptist Church, Los Angeles;
California Society for Clinical Social Work; Los Angeles County probation officers, etc.

“Working With Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse” (1986-present)
Presentations to a variety of non-profit organizations including: California Society For Clinical Social Work;
Forensic Nursing Symposium, USC Department of Nursing;
State Conference of the California Consortium of Child Abuse Councils.

“Issues in Child Abuse Treatment and Prevention” (1986-present) -
presentations to a variety of non-profit organizations including: California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles;
Vista Del Mar Child Care Services;
Azuza Pacific University;
Di Di Hirsch Community Mental Health Center.

“Tapping Clients’ Spiritual Resources”
4th Annual Family-Centered Services Conference sponsored by the California Chapter of Family-Centered Services Association and the California Department of Social Services, Office of Child Abuse Prevention. Los Angeles, California (June 1997)

“Surviving An Earthquake” (1994-95) -
workshops and trainings presented to Los Angeles community groups/organizations, sponsored by the Wright Institute Los Angeles under a FEMA grant.

“Difference Between Psychotherapy Groups and Self-help Groups” UCLA (1989)

“Sexism in Social Work Agencies--Raise High the Social Worker’s Consciousness” (1978)
workshop presented at the 2nd annual California Chapter NASW Southern Conference on Practice.

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